I feel so much more resilient and flexible now. I still have sad and anxious thoughts, but when they come, I feel stronger and more able to respond in a positive and constructive way. –T.W.


I feel like there was a locked box somewhere inside me that opened up and has released a feeling of happiness that I haven’t experienced in over 20 years. –S.K.


The ketamine treatments have changed my life. I’m becoming the person that I used to be, that I am supposed to be, that I was …before the pain.  I am grateful. –H.V.


In the winter of 2018, I experienced a mental health crisis. I had been suffering from extreme and constant migraine headaches for over 6 months, a migraine condition had plagued me my entire life, seemed to be unrelenting and continuing to get worse. I began to experience panic attacks, hyperactivity, depression, pain, and manic episodes.

The clinic gave me a chance to work through my compulsions all the way to their satisfaction. It was a completely necessary and essential experience for me.

I owe my life and health to the incredible intervention at an emergency room and the subsequent care of the team at the clinic. –B.N.


I would just like to say that the level of comprehensive care, personal attention, time, and referrals to other medical & mental healthcare providers in the area has been exceptional. I moved here from New York City and have never received this level of expertise, openmindedness, availability, and care.

Keep up the incredible work <3 –C.Y.


I have to say thank you for your help. Before this it’s like I’m standing on the beach wanting to swim with the dolphins, but can’t because I’m standing in sand up to my neck. Now I stand there without sand around my body, it feels good and i know that I can swim freely at any time. What you and Ketamine have done is not about seems to work, it works, more and more each week. If I will fall down some what, I don´t know, but now i at least know what to do if it happens. But for now – I am me again – The light, smiley, joking me! –N.T.


I came to the clinic because I had exhausted my options. I’ve been on nearly every medication you can name and in therapy for 30 years. I had some incremental progress, but nothing was ever able to help me in the way I needed.

Ketamine is so much different. I was able to see myself objectively for the first time. It was if the doors I had put up in my mind were all opened at once and I was able to see across my own experiences. Memories I had been terrified of were no longer frightening. Anxieties that I thought would haunt me for the reminder of my life were suddenly easy to uproot, examine, and then discard. 

I’m sleeping again. Therapy has become so much easier. My relationships are better. If you find yourself thinking “Things are never going to get better,” I would urge you to consider Ketamine Therapy. It truly changed my life. –A.J.


When my wife and companion of over 40 years passed away from a long, debilitating illness, our family doctor tried several different medications to help me get out of the deep depression and anxiety that I suffered because of my loss.

When none proved even mildly effective he suggested that I contact the clinic to see if they could help. After speaking with the doctors and hearing about what I might expect from the treatment consisting of 6 ketamine IVs and possibly periodic boosters, I decided to go ahead with the program. I understood that there were no guarantees and the results vary from excellent to nominal.

When I was asked what outcome I hoped for, I said I would like to be able to think of my wife and not break into tears.

The initial program has been completed and I haven’t needed boosters. More importantly, I am now approaching my goal. It hasn’t been a “cure all,” but I didn’t expect it to be.

I am once again functioning. I’m able to enjoy life once more. Of course there are still sad moments. That’s expected. It’s life.

More importantly, there are many more moments I’m happy when I think of her. –R.S.


I had the sense that there was a separation between my feelings and thoughts and my conscious experience. I saw that negative thoughts would float by, but I didn’t need to attach myself to them. I understand now the difference between I am depressed and I am feeling depressed. I no longer seem to be only defined by feelings and thoughts that I experience. –J.R.


Point 1: Ketamine temporarily lifts the protective walls built by the psyche

In my view, ketamine intake causes the psyche to temporarily relax all psychological defenses, that typically prevent the «traumatic» (i. e. shameful, fearful, disgusting, etc. material) from entering the zone of conscious attention. I see these defenses as walls that were once put up by the psyche, mostly but not exclusively. in childhood, to prevent the psyche from disintegration and resulting psychosis. These walls become very rigid and keep the brain from going to the «dark places» even when the psyche has grown up and has become capable of processing the capsulated material. Ketamine TEMPORARILY softens or removes these walls, making the capsulated material available for re-integration, which leads to processing of large amounts of traumatic material in the hours and even days following the session. During the session there is a paradoxical feeling of processing tons and tons of very difficult emotions and memories and images, while maintaining the feeling of compete safety. These difficult feelings «pop up» from the darkest bottoms of unconscious and get dissolved in a safe and pleasant manner. All of this results in dramatic decreases in chronic fearful and shameful reactions afterwards, which in turn leads to a gradual rebuilding of self-image and the image of other people and the world in general.

Point 2: Ketamine, as effective as it may be by itself, acts as a huge amplifier for the effects of traditional therapy

By the time I took my first ketamine session, I had been studying psychology for 10 years, had about 300 hours of traditional talk therapy and worked as a psychotherapist for 3 years. I feel I was carrying a lot of unrealized potential from my therapeutic work on myself, which was leveraged by ketamine at truly cosmic speeds. This is more professional intuition than any kind of scientific opinion, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get such phenomenal results, if it hasn’t been for a huge amount of work I’ve done building my self-reflection and cognitive integration skills. It seemed the biggest breakthroughs in my treatment came from my ability to recognize new patterns in my feelings and experiences, based on raw sensory, emotional and cognitive material that ketamine temporarily uncovered and made available for my introspection. The metaphor that came to mind right after one of the sessions was that, even though I always thought I had a very effective therapy experience which helped me realize all my initial therapeutic goals and much more, after ketamine I found out that 90% of the potential created in therapy was lying under my door completely unused, in a box, and only after ketamine I was able to discover it and use it to feel better. I had no idea this potential existed, but I could definitely feel it wouldn’t realize itself if I hadn’t done so much work prior to ketamine treatment. Ketamine opens the window of change, but you still have to do the work (even though most of it happens spontaneously).

Point 3: Ketamine has infinite potential in terms of depths it can reach with its healing effects

As far as I can make sense of my experiences with ketamine, this medicine has reached the deepest corners that would probably never be uncovered in my regular therapy… I tried approaching this areas with a few therapist, including world class ones, even with some success but the effects of ketamine were 1000 times more impressive and right now feel very much like being completely over these issues.

As a conclusion I want to add that I feel my life has been just completely turned around by my experience with this treatment. … I found my ability to understand my psychotherapy clients increased tenfold, if not more, which led to the clients being sometimes overwhelmed by my sudden effectiveness and sensitivity… I feel for the first time in my adult life my brain is working the way it is supposed to, and suddenly all of my life makes sense. I feel like I came out of prison I occupied since I was 2 or 3 years old. This is truly a miracle I never imagined could happen to me. –Y.A.